Small stature, huge sound.
Fans say that's a perfect description of Elisabeth Hunstad.

Her petite size and low key, yet upbeat, demeanor does not give one a hint of what is to come when she cuts loose with a full-voiced, righteously soulful delivery of a classic like Aretha Franklin's 'Respect'.  People tend to eagerly listen up... and become fans.

Elisabeth has an eclectic taste in music and does not like to limit herself, or her listeners, to any one genre of music. Her list of musical influences extends to everything that she hears. Her style combines elements of jazz, rock, pop, gospel, Motown, R&B, Latin, folk, country, art music and contemporary sounds, among others. Each of these elements is incorporated into her unique style of songwriting, piano playing and vocals and she delivers it all with the power, precision and, some would say, the 'praise style' of old school soul.

Her powerful, soulful delivery has been compared to Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin and Carole King while she simultaneously puts her own distinct stamp of originality on her sound. Her original compositions have been described as heartfelt and meaningful with a distinctive style that mixes jazz and popular sounds. Elisabeth’s live performances captivate the audience and listeners have remarked that it's almost like listening to a recording - only better.

Elisabeth graduated from South Dakota State University in 2010 with a B.S. in Music Merchandising and a minor in Spanish and works full-time in her career as a singer, songwriter, and piano player. She would like to record material that is diverse, not only in musical styles, but linguistically. She speaks Spanish and has incorporated music sung in other languages, such as Portuguese, into her live shows and wants to bring those and more into her recordings.

Elisabeth explains that it is about reaching and touching people, creating a link that will bring others together through her music: “To me, music is a language. It is the truest way for me to express myself and connect with people, whatever the situation or circumstance.”

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